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Services (1:30 at NUMC hall)

Aug 8 Services, 1:30PM
   Song Leader: Bill Turnblad
   Sermonette: Tony Stith"Keeping the 9th Commandment in Slanderous Times"
   Sermon: Brian Shaw "The Love of the Father"

Aug 15 Morker Pischke/Randle
Aug 22 Hanson Gjesvold Shaw
Aug 29 Randle Hoffart Morker

Sep 5 Wagner Hanson Shaw
Sep 12 Morker Burchard Stith
Sep 19 Randle Stith Cline
Sep 19 Morker Burbeck Shaw (Trumpets)
Sep 26 Hanson Wickman/VenHuizen
Sep 28 Turnblad Randle Shaw (Atonement)

Oct 17 Burchard Freeman Stith
Oct 24 Hanson Gjesvold Shaw
Oct 31 Randle Hanson DVD

Nov 7 Turnblad - Shaw
Nov 14 Hanson Burchard VenHuizen
Nov 21 Burchard Hoffart Shaw
Nov 28 Morker Wickman/Pischke

Dec 5 Randle Burbeck Shaw
Dec 12 Hanson Freeman Morker
Dec 19 Randle - Shaw
Dec 26 Burchard Gjesvold Stith

Jan 2 Turnblad Randle Shaw
Jan 9 Morker Burchard Randle
Jan 16 Turnblad Hanson Cline
Jan 23 Randle Burchard/Stith
Jan 30 Burchard - Shaw

Feb 6 Morker Hoffard DVD
Feb 13 Hanson Wickman Shaw
Feb 20 Burchard VenHuizen Morker
Feb 27 Turnblad Gjesvold Shaw

Mar 6 Morker Pischke/Randle
Mar 13 Hanson - Shaw
Mar 20 Randle Hanson VenHuizen

Meeting policies:
- Attendees will be limited to 50% of building capacity.
- Hand sanitizer will be used by all entering and exiting the building. Please bring a personal hand sanitizer if you have one. If not there will be three hand sanitizer stations; the foyer, the fellowship hall, at the entrance to the chapel area. Please use them often.
- Avoid hugs and shaking hands.
- Water fountains will not be operational. Please bring a personal water bottle. Disposable water bottles will also be available in the foyer.
- Coffee will be served in the fellowship hall.
- Congregants will practice physical distancing of 6 feet with those outside of their immediate family. Parents are asked to attend to their children more carefully.
- Only every other pew row will be available for seating.
- Facial masks will be worn by all while in the building. Once seated six feet from other families, masks can be removed, but will be worn for the song service. Hymns will be sung while wearing masks.
- High use surfaces like door handles and tables will be cleaned with a disinfectant.
- Round tables in the fellowship hall will be limited to 6 chairs each.
- Bring only pre-packaged snacks - no prepared foods.
- Congregational hymnals will be provided, but should not be shared outside of the immediate family.
- Avoid hand contact to face. Cough or sneeze into inside of elbow or into a tissue (throw in trash afterward).
- We are also asking that each member do a personal health-screen before leaving home to attend, including a temperature check. If there is a possibility that you or members of your immediate family are sick, please stay home. If recovering, please allow at least three fever-free days before attending.

Prayer Requests


Feast of Tabernacles
The Sunday, April 12, online Feast registration begins. Everyone is concerned about the coronavirus and how it might affect the Feast of Tabernacles. The Church will proceed with normal plans, but there are 3 major areas to consider.
We recommend that if you know where you plan to attend that you register for that Feast site as you normally would. This will help the Church in planning.
Housing Reservations
Making hotel reservations should be fine as they normally only require a one-night deposit and the cancellation without penalty is usually within a week of the Feast.
The majority of hotels are open for reservations and a list of those that are closed through the month of April will be provided, but you can always call to make sure.
Condominiums and homes normally require higher initial deposits and some are not refundable. Carefully review the cancellation policies of any condominium or homes before committing a deposit.
There might be some great deals right now, but be sure you understand the cancellation policy. If an airline provides cancellation insurance make sure of the allowable parameters to receive a refund. Coronavirus might not be included.
April 12 (Sunday)
Online Festival registration begins (except for Puerto Vallarta) Early housing begins (except for Panama City Beach, Lake Junaluska)
April 14 (Tuesday)
Early housing begins at Panama City Beach and Lake Junaluska
April 19 (Sunday)
General housing begins for U.S. & Canada (except for Panama City Beach and Lake Junaluska)
April 21 (Tuesday)
General housing begins at Panama City Beach and Lake Junaluska
May 3 (Sunday)
Online Festival registration begins for Puerto Vallarta
Please note that Puerto Vallarta is traditionally a popular site, but registration for that site is now on May 3.
-Charles Melear

Local Sermons and Sermonettes
Twin Cities messages are now being posted to the password-protected Cities.
You can login at
See the "Members password-protected local index" here if you need help for access. Or see this site's Twin Cities index.

Congregation Facebook
The Twin Cities congregation has its own Facebook group where we can share pictures, announcements, and discussions of interest to the membership with members of the group. If you have pictures to share, feel free to post them. You can find us at "UCG Twin Cities."

Prayer Requests and Cards
Be sure to check the information table for cards to sign this week to be mailed to those with prayer requests or shut-ins.
Prayer requests page.

Beyond Today Program

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Airing Period

Are You Prepared for the Ultimate Crisis?
As the world is shaken by distressing future events you will need an effective grasp of Bible prophecy.
Darris McNeely August 2-8, 2020
The Coming Prophetic Storm
Jesus Christ voiced crucial warnings about a future time of great tumult and peril. Learn how to prepare spiritually.
Steve Myers August 9-15, 2020
After COVID-19: What Is New Normal?
God doesn't want you to resume your old way of life but make changes that mirror His righteous character.
Gary Petty August 16-22, 2020
Satan's Four Great Deceptions
You are in a spiritual battle with a powerful, unseen enemy. Learn how the devil deceitfully influences humanity.
Gary Petty August 23-29, 2020
Three Keys to Knowing God
Is it possible a Christian can believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and not believe the doctrine of the trinity?
Darris McNeely August 30 - Sept. 5, 2020

Contact Information

Brian Shaw, pastor
Cambridge, MN

Ken Cline, elder
Coon Rapids, MN

David Morker, elder
Plymouth, MN

United Church of God - Twin Cities
1596 11th Ave.
(at Glen Road)

PO Box 25008
Woodbury, MN 55129

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