Church of God in the Twin Cities

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1930's Church of God (Seventh Day) is composed mostly of migrant workers, who migrate in and out of the area, following their work.
??? Church of God (Seventh Day) buys a used building in St. Paul
1962 Church of God (Seventh Day) moves into their building on Point Douglas Road in Newport.
The voice that started WCG: hwaclips
??? The Radio Church of God passes through the area with baptizing tours. Mssrs. Sharp, Dean Blackwell, and ??.
1963 The Radio Church of God holds it's first service on the Feast of Trumpets. Laidlaw Hall, Lake St., Minneapolis. Sherwin McMichael, pastor.
??? Sherwin McMichael, Don Prunkard, Dennis Luker, Bob Jones, Keith Thomas, Carl Beyersdorfer.
??? WCG moves to Stem Hall (next to the St. Paul Auditorium). But the congregation must split into a.m. (in-city) and p.m (out-of-city) services.
1968 Radio Church of God becomes Worldwide Church of God. Twin Cities congregation numbers 837.
1972? WCG moves to Coon Hall Rapids High School.
??? Dennis Diehl
1973 WCG divides into East (St. Paul) and West (Plymouth).
St. Paul Minneapolis West
1973 Paul meets at the Hudson House in Hudson, Wisconsin. Minneapolis West meets at ??? in Plymouth, Minnesota.
1975? Minneapolis divides into North and South
St. Paul Minneapolis North Minneapolis South
1976Degree of Honor BuildingSt. FrancisOlson Jr. High
Eau Claire begins (National Hall)
1974 Bill Jahns ('74-83)
???? YWCA
1983 Noel Hornor ('83-89)
??? Bob Hoops
??? Victor Kubik
??? John Orchard
??? Leonard Schreiber
??? Victor Kubik
????Carpenter's, Anoka
??? John Moskel
??? Gerald Schnarrenberger
??? Tom Tulles
??? Larry Walker
??? Charles Holladay
??? Jim Servidio
???? Battle Creek Jr High
1988? Mike Hanisko
1993 Mitchell Knapp
1994 Philadelphia (Gerald Fleury) split from WCG; congregation forms in the Twin Cities
1995 WCG splits into Global and United, and others
1995 Mitchell Knapp in UCG St. Paul Jim Servidio in UCG Minneapolis Chas. Holladay and ? Hildebrand in WCG Mpls and St. Paul
UCG St. PaulUCG MinneapolisGlobal/CGCF
Global in ??
1995 Phipps Auditorium, Hudson
1995 Bingo hall, Newport North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park
1997 GCG: Paul Shumway
1996? CoGIC (David Hulme) splits from UCG
CogIC: John Orchard in St. Cloud
???? Frayne Building, South St. Paul Edinbrook Elementary, Brooklyn Park
1998 GCG: Sheldon Monson
??? Gary Black
Mike Hanisko
???? CGCF splits from Global, Global becomes Living
???? CGCF merges into UCG
???? CogIC: Steve Elliott
???? United Methodist church, Newport
Tom Clark
1/2011 UCG splits into UCG and CoGWA
UCG Twin Cities CoGWA Twin Cities Living CoG Twin Cities
Sheldon Monson (1998-2010?)
1/2011CoGWA St. Paul and Minneapolis combine, Rockpoint building, White Bear Lake
???? Adam West
2011 Gary Black
2011 Tom Clark
2011 Brian Shaw
7/2/2011 UCG St. Paul and Minneapolis combine