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How Does God Reveal Himself?

If God is real, why doesn't He reveal Himself to us in a way that should erase any doubt of His existence?

In reality, He has done this many times. Eyewitness accounts of human interaction with Him have been recorded and preserved for us in the Bible. But does such documented testimony satisfy skeptics? It never has, and it never will.

If God accepted the challenge of always having to prove His existence, what would it take? Would it have been necessary for Him to personally appear to and perform miracles to every human being ever born? But even that might not be enough to satisfy everyone.

Instead, God long ago decided to provide solid evidence-in the form of His handiwork, human testimony and fulfilled prophecy-that He is the living, intelligent Creator of the universe. This evidence is compelling and powerful to those with an ear to hear and an eye to see. But everyone has a choice. He can face the evidence or scoff at it.

Does God hide Himself?

Let's briefly examine the record of the Creator God's revelations of Himself to mankind.

God walked and talked with Adam and Eve. During their close relationship with Him, He gave them specific instructions (Genesis 2:15-17; 3:2-3). Yet they chose to disobey and then attempted to hide themselves (Genesis 3:8-10).

Later God reasoned with their son Cain about his unreasonable anger (Genesis 4:5-7). Cain rejected God's advice and murdered his brother. Instead of being truly sorry for his deed, Cain "went out from the presence of the LORD" (verses 8-16).

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