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Questions and Answers About Tithing

Is tithing voluntary? How can I calculate my tithe? Are there different types of tithes? Find answers to these questions and more!

Is tithing voluntary?

Yes, in the sense that everyone who honors God by obeying His instructions does so on a voluntary basis. God never forces anyone to act against his or her will. At the same time, however, He expects us to tithe and equates failure to tithe with robbing Him, explaining that not tithing will bring a curse (Malachi 3:8). So tithing is not voluntary in the sense of something that is optional. Nor does God allow us to arbitrarily decide the minimum amount we should give Him. Through His tithing system He reveals the minimum amount we should return to Him from all He gives us. Since God is our Creator and because everything belongs to Him (Psalm 24:1; Haggai 2:8), He has the right to establish this system of financial support for His spiritual purposes.

Was tithing practiced before God's national covenant with Israel?

Abraham and Jacob both understood and practiced tithing. Abraham gave a tithe of all the spoils of a rescue mission (Genesis 14:20); and Jacob, upon coming to a closer relationship with God, promised to give God a tithe (a 10th, 10 percent) of the blessings God would pour out on him (Genesis 28:22).

Did the priests and Levites tithe?

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