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Why Prophecy?

Prophecy is an integral part of the Bible, God's inspired revelation to mankind. Through it God reveals Himself, His plan for humanity and why we are here.

The Fundamentals of Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy is built around a framework of specific principles and themes. Knowing them is key to unlocking a proper understanding of Bible prophecy.

Jesus Christ's Life and Death in Prophecy

Many are vaguely aware that Jesus Christ's birth, life and death were prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament. But few are aware of the sheer number of prophecies and the astonishingly precise details foretold up to thousands of years in advance.

Promise and Covenants: A Prophetic Legacy

Many crucial Bible prophecies begin with one individual and his descendants. What promises will God fulfill through the family of Abraham?

God Confirms His Credibility to the World

Can we believe Bible prophecy? Through the examples of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, God gave unmistakable proof that His prophecies are sure.

History Proves the Accuracy of Bible Prophecy

Can you believe Bible prophecy? The history of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah is a powerful testimony to the accuracy and precision of Bible prophecy.

The International Scope of Prophecy

Though much of prophecy is focused on specific peoples, God's plan extends to all nations. He reveals how He will ultimately deal with all of humankind.

The End of 'This Present Evil Age'

Many Bible prophecies deal with the time that appears to lie immediately before us -- the end of the age of the rule of Satan the devil over the world.

The Coming "Abomination of Desolation"

What is the abomination of desolation mentioned in the Bible within the book of Daniel?

What Is 'the Lord's Day'?

The Lord's Day refers to the end-time events surrounding the return of Jesus Christ, when He will personally and directly intervene in human affairs.

The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ

Beyond the tumultuous times of today lies the promise of a transformed world of peace and plenty-the age of Christ's glorious reign on the earth!

Beyond the Millennium

What happens after the Millennium, Jesus Christ's 1,000-year reign over mankind? This is when a truly astounding part of God's great plan comes to pass!

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