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January/February - Volume 2, Number 1

1997, United Church of God, an International Association

FEATURE ARTICLE (Expanded Edition)
Why Tithe in the 20th Century?

by Bill Bradford

Today we live in a world that cries out for spiritual direction and answers to deep-seated and often intractable problems. But ours is also a selfish and materialistic age. Nearly all of most people’s resources goes for material goods and services to make life better for themselves and their offspring.

Yet God asks for something additional from those He is calling. He asks us to recognize the importance of spiritual needs and values as well as physical. God wants us to communicate priceless spiritual knowledge to a darkened and deceived world.

The purpose of the Church today

God is working out His glorious plan in which all humanity will have the opportunity to receive eternal life beyond the grave. An aching spiritual and emotional void exists that only the teachings and spiritual values of God can fill.

The Church of God still has an enormous work to do. Jesus Christ commissioned His people to take the gospel to the whole world, to reach every nation with the wonderful truths He has revealed and to instruct those God calls in His way of life (Matthew 24:14; 28:18-20).

Throughout the 20th century the information and entertainment media—publications, radio and television—have played important roles in this mission of preaching the gospel. So, as before, the Church has been faced with the question of how God wants this work to be financed. By carefully and conscientiously examining the Bible as a whole, we see ample evidence that a consistent financial method is addressed in the pages of Holy Scripture, and that method is tithing.

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