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Eating Choices–Does God Care?

Vertical Thought discusses God's involvement in our eating habits with Hope Egan, author of Holy Cow! Does God Care About What We Eat? In her book, Ms. Egan invites readers to look at their eating habits by examining the meat-related biblical food laws and God's overall design for healthy eating.

Interview by Kamie Stoner

Vertical Thought: Would you give our readers a brief overview of your book?

Holy Cow! Does God Care About What We Eat? can be ordered from or by calling (800) 775-4807.

Hope Egan: Most people are vaguely aware that the Bible contains food-related guidelines, but they wonder if those laws are still relevant today. Many folks associate these practices with Judaism, but when I started to seek the Christian perspective on eating, I was shocked to discover an entire Christian subculture that actually follows the biblical food laws.

The book pulls in the science perspective related to the biblical food laws. Holy Cow! looks at the science behind these instructions and then steps through the whole Bible to show how they still apply today.

VT: Would you please review the biblical food laws?

HE: In Leviticus 11, God spells out which animals He designed to be eaten. The Bible calls these animals "clean."

For example, clean mammals have a "split hoof" and "chew the cud." These include cows, sheep and goats. Pigs have a split hoof but do not chew the cud; therefore pork was not designed to be food by God's standards.

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Fish that have fins and scales were designed to be food. Examples of clean fish include salmon, snapper and tuna. Catfish, on the other hand, have fins but no scales, so they are considered unclean and not designed for food. Neither are shellfish such as lobster, oysters and shrimp, since they don't have fins or scales.

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