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10 Things You Can Say to Make Someone's Day
By Becky Sweat

What do you say when a friend is really hurting? Finding the perfect words is never easy, but here are a few possibilities to get you started.

lowers in hand, I rang the doorbell of my friend's apartment. After three weeks on a new job, her boss had called her into his office this morning and informed her that things weren't working out and he was going to have to let her go. I knew my friend was taking it hard; it had taken her several months to find this job, and now she was going to have to start searching again.

My heart raced as I waited at the door. What should I say? Should I try to make her laugh and get her mind off her situation? Should I ask her how she is doing, or will she think I am prying? If I don't bring up what happened today, will she think I'm being insensitive to what she is going through?

When the door opened, I handed my friend the flowers and nervously blurted out that I cared about her, and I wanted to help in any way she needed. I could tell she had been through a lot that day, so I stayed only a few minutes and then hugged her good-bye and went home. A few days later she sent a card, thanking me for the flowers, but especially for the encouraging words.

For most people, life has its share of disappointments. Fatigue from a demanding schedule, financial difficulties, a failed endeavor at work or school, health problems, difficulty getting along with a family member or friend -- these are times when a person can feel frustrated and discouraged.

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