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Our World Is Rapidly Changing—in Ways Foretold by Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy shows that we should keep an eye on Europe and the Middle East. Ongoing developments in both areas are rapidly reshaping our world in ways foretold centuries ago.

by Melvin Rhodes

It wasn't long into the new year before radical Islam was again dominating the news around the world.

Several editorial cartoons—originally published in a Danish newspaper last September and later reprinted in several newspapers across Europe and in other parts of the world—led to violence in a number of nations. In Islamic countries, rioters burned embassies as Europeans were threatened and attacked. Dozens of people were killed as Muslims vented their anger at depictions of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, in the cartoons.

Ironically, the reaction to the cartoons forced two earlier threats to the West off the television screens.

After more than a year of silence, the world's most wanted man once again made his presence known Jan. 19. Osama bin Laden's latest audiotape, played on the Qatar-based al-Jazeera television network, warned that further attacks on the United States are being planned.

The warning message came while much of the world's attention focused on Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for the destruction of Israel , the United States and Britain and appears determined to see his country acquire nuclear weapons regardless of consequences.

In response, France's president Jacques Chirac made it clear that he would not hesitate to use French nuclear weapons against any nation threatening France with weapons of mass destruction. " France , said Mr. Chirac, regarded its nuclear weapons as part of Europe's ultimate defense, as well as its own," observed the U.S. edition of the Financial Times on Jan. 20.

In other words, France would use its nuclear force to defend Europe from any government-sponsored threat emanating from the Islamic world!

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